Good beer, exposure, and a spa

Following our return from Iceland, it took well over a week for me to sleep until the alarm clock goes off, on weekday mornings. It’s winter, here. So, about our trip to Iceland, just a few weeks ago this year: This was my second trip to Reykjavik and to the Airwaves music festival; my first, also for […]

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Manila, live

I do have more to say, and show, about our recent trip to SE Asia, but this pic says a lot, and will need to suffice until I whittle down my 650 or so photos to something easier to view and parse into a few blog posts for you. Last Thursday evening, our friends in […]

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The skull in Bhairava’s hands

Bhairava mudra is, like other mudras, a pose formed with the hands. I often use it when sitting quietly, sometimes when I meditate. For me, the gesture is graceful, and is symbolic of bounty, openness, and love. I learned the mudra from part of a yoga DVD: “…Rest one palm on top of the other, […]

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