Yoga Classes


Class Description

I teach yoga that is mostly in the Vinyasa style, which can be described as “breath-synchronized movement.” That’s a little over-simplified, but it’s accurate in its breadth. Sometimes it’s also called “power” or “flow” yoga: it’s powerful and, despite some stillness in the class here and there, it’s flowing.

Scale pose


You can expect to move, breathe, and sense. To listen, and smile. To wobble. To sweat a little, or a lot. Some poses, you’ll practice at all of my classes, some you won’t. The specific sequence will be slightly different, each time. So may the focus or inspiration for the sequence: sometimes it’s on hips, shoulders, the season, or perhaps a flower (specifically, a dill plant I saw just this morning while on a walk). I do take requests or suggestions.

Join the class if you think your body is not flexible, but you’d like to cultivate some flexibility. Join it if your week needs a dose of some calm. We’ll stir it up evenly in your body, then let it relax. Join the class if you seek some balance –literally! You will stand on one leg or possibly on just your hands. While I pepper the class instruction with a little Sanskrit and other personal cues from my own experience, expect to be guided in plain language. Expect my offerings of options in poses and transitions that allow you, in your body, to get the best in-body experience, on any given day.


My yoga practice started over 20 years ago, with an early morning class I took while living in central Oregon, while on summer break from college. The resilience and stark beauty of the alpine desert, as well as the very active outdoors lifestyle of that community, drove me into a yoga studio for some structured stretching, relaxation and reflection.

In the years and practice since then, yoga has presented me with gifts of strength, flexibility, calm, insight, delight, love, and inspiration. These have proven very helpful with the endurance sports and other outdoors endeavors that I enjoy, as well as with my photography, cooking, gardening, and work as a user experience designer.

Vrksanana in Moab.

Mesa Arch Tree.

I have practiced in several yoga traditions, which include Kripalu, Iyengar, Bikram, and Vinyasa. The joyous, powerful and meditative style of Vinyasa has resonated for me since 2007, and it inspired me to attain yoga teaching certification (200 hrs) in the winter of 2010. Since then I have also achieved certification in NETA Group Exercise, and I continue to take various yoga, alignment, fitness, and other trainings to increase my experience and knowledge base. As a yoga teacher, I look forward to helping others in their personal wellness journeys.

Classes Taught by Arah

  • Tuesdays, 12pm-1pm at Internet Broadcasting (employees only)
  • Instruction at other times and places is available upon special request and arrangement.
  • Join the conversation in Facebook, on my Yoga page!


Recent playlists for my classes have included tracks by Lissie, Ludovico Einaudi, Hilda Gudnardottir, Lord Huron, Balam Acab, Spearhead, Bahamas, Lookbook, Atoms for Peace, Daniel Hope, Yo-Yo Ma, Gustavo Santaolalla, and Jack Johnson. Here’s a recent playlist that is available via Spotify.

Recent Training

  • August 2011: Breath, Bandhas & Dristi Workshop, with Lynn Thomasberg
  • December 2011: Yoga Nidra with Shira Charis
  • February 2012: The Art of Physical Adjustments, with Shira Charis
  • February 2012: Hands-On Yoga, with Evie Oberdorfer
  • February 2012: Introduction to T’ai Ch’i, with Deanna Reiter
  • June 2012: Hip Opening Workshop with Ben Vincent
  • November 2012: Catch Your Breath: Techniques & Poses to Improve Health, with Dr. Alane Lucht
  • November 2012: Sanskrit Sounds, with Priti Tandon
  • February 2013: Introduction to Meditation, with Deanna Reiter
  • Spring 2013: Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, with Alex Haley from University of MN Center for Spirituality & Healing
  • Fall 2013: Yoga Philosophy studies, with William Prottengeier
  • Upcoming, Spring 2014: Meditation Teacher Training, with Tara Cindy Sherman
  • Ongoing practice: At home! Also: in studio with Ted Roseen, or with other teachers in the Mpls.-St. Paul area.

Blog Posts About Yoga

I’ll write about yoga every few posts or so on my weblog, Helen’s Loom, which you can access via the link near the top of this page or by exploring some of the navigation tools below this section. Some topics I have covered include:


3 thoughts on “Yoga Classes

  1. I am enjoying your posts . . . I bet you bought a Subaru in Bend Oregon and it has a blown head gasket.

    Just a guess, “everyone” in Oregon loves their Subaru(s) until they check the long term repair bill.
    We are from Oregon and lived that scenario . . . with 3 Subarus :)

    Thanks for your posts!

    • Hello, Jim! Nah, the aforementioned Suburu has never been to Bend. But that rule about loving Subarus until the repair bill comes is certainly true, anywhere. It spooked me into buying a Ford, then a Nissan, that’s for sure. People in MN sure love their Subarus; ours is just having a rough winter.

      Your day job (from your blog’s About page), if even just by title, looks fascinating. Love your photography!

      I’m looking forward to coming out to Bend & nearby this spring! Last time out there was a few years back, on a rock climbing trip.

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