user flows on walls
Low-fi system walk-through.

Internet Broadcasting needed to make several improvements to the process via which all users created, managed, and sent newsletters and alerts. The advent of push notifications in our mobile news apps, coupled with a universal desire to create a more user-friendly way to set up and sent email newsletters and alerts drove this project.

I and my product manager did weekly interviews together via phone with a news editor (a different one each week; they were all over the country) to learn about pain points and any successes in the current workflows. We also inquired about wishes for the toolset, and then later got feedback on improvements that we released. We were able to use our learnings to inform the experiences we were building, below.

We developed an ancillary dashboard in the CMS that provided users with an overview of everything in their direct-to-customer notification system, including performance data, customer profile management, workflows tailored for breaking news.

Role: IA, UX Lead, UI consult

Deliverables: User Flow Diagrams, Wireframes, Content Map, Personas, Flow Walk-thru (on conference room walls), Copywriting, Informal User Testing.

Detailed views of the above images can be examined below.