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Mobile First!

Greetings! I am a specialist in user experience design. I do Information Architecture (IA), Interaction Design, Content Strategy, and User Experience (UX) Design for the development of large-scale, dynamic websites and enterprise tools for populating same. This includes three years of UX work in mobile app, website and Content Management System (CMS) tools, 2 years in e-commerce site UX, and more than 5 years in web display advertising: 17 total years of design for the web.

What I have a passion for: making things work smoothly. From the design of a logo that conveys the personality of the brand or the layout of a page providing just the right information needed, all the way up to refining a complex process so well that it is easy and perhaps even fun to use.

Want to check out some of my work? Use the sub-navigation bar on the edge of this page, under “User Experience Design Portfolio.”