Live theater is good medicine: a year at the Guthrie

board game

Another “brainy time” activity: trying new games at the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Social Science event in July

This week, as I wrap up my first year of season tickets to the Guthrie Theater, I find myself addicted Continue reading

A four-bear trip: Glacier National Park 2016

upper waterton lake

Looking south over Upper Waterton Lake

So, campfires.

Burning the small dead


broke from beneath

thick spreading

whitebark pine.


a hundred summers

snowmelt        rock        and air

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Afton Trail Run 2016: A Booted Paparazza


Ten bazillion greens and a pack of tough competitors

This blog isn’t just about running. Lately it’s not about much at all: sorry for the silence! I’m handling a stress reaction/fracture in my foot. This means: wearing a big plastic boot, most of the time, which also means: not running. Since May 21! Not walking much, either. But I’ve gotten the go-ahead to do some hiking in stiff, tall boots, which I’ll do in Montana, shortly. Continue reading