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A Drop of Summer

T-Motion Embracing Motion: Photography by Keith Bevans

The blue sky and bare arms are the tip-off. It’s a ways around the corner but summer is coming.

I visited a show in Chicago, last week, by Keith Bevans. This print was big – at least three feet wide and one of hundreds of artworks on display at the Black Creativity juried exhibition, featured at the Museum of Science and Industry. I loved that this show was in a museum that wasn’t an … art museum.

Here’s to nice surprises and exuberant photo subjects! And beautifully executed craft.

It’s been awhile since my last post! My creative energies have been going elsewhere – chiefly to speeches for Toastmasters and also to my yoga teaching. But I’m still here, and today I’m fueled by a “social media” project with Toastmasters. Some of you may recognize the above from my recent yoga newsletter. If not, you’re invited to check it out and subscribe, if it appeals to you.