Brown Pelicans on Gulf of Mexico

Pelicans, Ría Lagartos and Borges

Returning from travel to a warm place with family over the holidays, I find this partial poem to be resonant. I hadn’t read much Borges before finding this in one of the books I read while on the trip, Eye of the Fish by Luis Francia. He who believes He’s left his home already has come back. Life is a future and well-traveled track. Nothing … Continue reading Pelicans, Ría Lagartos and Borges

Ok, winter, I’m ready.

Bring it on: The dark, sleep-happy mornings The supreme entertainment provided by squirrels, cardinals, juncos and the whole merry backyard band including that slinking cat Soup recipe experimentation Ramekin (pot pie recipe) experimentation The stoke from carving one hella long “S” on my snowboard, on a bunny slope The stoke from doing a lot more than that on skis, if I get my butt out … Continue reading Ok, winter, I’m ready.