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Luminary Loppet

Luminary Loppet photo

Light of My Life

I’ve fallen into an unlikely pattern of signing up for a certain nordic ski race for two years in a row, and for three of the last five years. I have trouble explaining it, especially as the reason that I worked so hard to rehab my knee from my 1995 ACL injury was ALPINE SKIING.

And yet, Steve and I participated again in the Luminary Loppet last weekend, as part of the City of Lakes Loppet weekend snow activities. It appears that we just can’t resist the lure of candles, Uptown, and schussing, even if ever so slowly, around the inside edge of a frozen urban lake.

This type of event is what makes cross-country skiing attractive to me: me and some (maybe just a few, maybe many) other people, outside enjoying the crisp air & bright scenery, moving around joyfully in space (a bit faster than usual, to stay warm). Not a lot of speed, except when you really want it, now and then. Hot cocoa or tea is within reach, at some point. Very little possibility of getting hurt, but lots of possibility of completely tiring myself out.

I slept really well, that evening.

What is something that you love about winter, even if it’s a cliché?