A four-bear trip: Glacier National Park 2016

upper waterton lake

Looking south over Upper Waterton Lake

So, campfires.

Burning the small dead


broke from beneath

thick spreading

whitebark pine.


a hundred summers

snowmelt        rock        and air

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Afton Trail Run 2016: A Booted Paparazza


Ten bazillion greens and a pack of tough competitors

This blog isn’t just about running. Lately it’s not about much at all: sorry for the silence! I’m handling a stress reaction/fracture in my foot. This means: wearing a big plastic boot, most of the time, which also means: not running. Since May 21! Not walking much, either. But I’ve gotten the go-ahead to do some hiking in stiff, tall boots, which I’ll do in Montana, shortly. Continue reading

Garlic Soup

garlic soup with harissa and pita


Food, glorious food!

We’ve been cooking more. Or, more accurately, Steve has been cooking more. I’ve mainly been sitting more, lately. And swimming.

One especially delicious dish he made this week was from  Plenty cookbook, and it’s pictured above. Continue reading