Heavy things: $121

native grasses

I may be in a position of wanting these lovely grasses, shown in a neighbor’s lovely landscaping, to be in my own yard

I took a trunkload of things to Play It Again Sports recently, hoping someone might find value in them. Some of these things I had owned for over 20 years. I had thought maybe I’d need them in the future (Rollerblades). Maybe a part of me still needed to hold them close, as a part of my identity (ice hockey skates and the cones I used for drills when coaching rugby). Maybe they needed to stick around, to remind me of a lesson they taught me (my skate-skiing gear).

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Live theater is good medicine: a year at the Guthrie

board game

Another “brainy time” activity: trying new games at the Science Museum of Minnesota’s Social Science event in July

This week, as I wrap up my first year of season tickets to the Guthrie Theater, I find myself addicted to the music from new Broadway musical, “Hamilton.” It plays in my car and from my iPod during my short runs lately, and earworms from the musical fill various filler pockets (i.e. waiting for coffee to brew, walking the long halls at work) of my days with new vigor and/or brief meditations on history and human nature.

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A four-bear trip: Glacier National Park 2016

upper waterton lake

Looking south over Upper Waterton Lake

So, campfires.

Burning the small dead


broke from beneath

thick spreading

whitebark pine.


a hundred summers

snowmelt        rock        and air

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