One of those rare months in which I knit

I finished it! Just in time for (hopefully) our last round of snowy weather. It could have taken just about two months to finish, but then I took on a sock knitting project, a summer trip, a few fall and winter trips, and a busy life of working, running, yoga, cooking and playing board games, among other activities. Alas! Early last winter, I started this cowl, … Continue reading One of those rare months in which I knit


Speedy sourdough

Home for the holidays; we are enjoying a white Christmas! Here’s the weekend menu: Saturday: Sourdough popovers Sunday: Mustard & Kenai-River Rubbed Salmon, Fried Cauliflower with Tahini and Pomegranate Seeds, baguette, Caves of Faribault Winter Blues Cheese Monday (Christmas eve): breakfast of corn pancakes, dinner will be Tourtière, salad, and Chocolate Mousseline Tuesday (Christmas morning): Sausage and Polenta Breakfast Casserole Check out, at right, the other white … Continue reading Speedy sourdough

The nerve

Somewhat ironically, this post is going to be about mustering up nerves to do something risky. And yet, when faced with the idea of posting a photo of me in my costume, which reveals a fair amount of cleavage, I am wary of strangers’ eyes, when I can’t see those eyes. So, I’m using an in-progress photo of a part of the costume. I hope … Continue reading The nerve