The power of ukulele

How do you unwind after a demanding day?

When Mom passed away in 2020 and I promised to learn to play ukulele if she gave me her Martin ukulele: I started taking lessons.

I practice nearly every day, and that routine is slowly improving my skills, repertoire, and music theory knowledge.

However, the thing I find most effective at unwinding after a demanding day? Learning the lyrics to songs I have loved for many years. I’m the all-time worst human at hearing/deciphering lyrics to songs I hear. And so: reading the sheet music, and working with it for weeks at a time is such a blessing! I love generating my own earworm.

I also adore learning songs I’ve never heard, which are old! Some of the ones from the 1920-30s are such a joy. “After You’re Gone” is one I’m currently working on. Listening to and learning these is a very effective way to disengage from a stressful day.

Here’s a playlist I keep adding to: these versions teach me the songs, or they give me ideas for creating my own versions.