Gratitudes and what the heck

Things I didn’t expect from 2020 and yet here we are:

  • Wearing contacts almost every day
  • Painting my fingernails on the regular
  • Not painting my toenails on the regular
  • Doing more yoga asana
  • Doing less meditation
  • Setting a deadline for getting a dog
  • No Halloween decorations
  • But still getting and eating Halloween candy
  • Avoiding state parks for 7 months
  • Finding unexpected joy in that one drive I make per week
  • My mom dying
  • Reading 32 books by November
  • Cycling in my basement
  • 3 trips to Oregon
  • Keeping a basket of masks by the door
  • A bumper crop of hops, tomatoes and pumpkins
  • Driving across the country and back in 8 days
  • Not even trying to plan any vacation before fall 2021
  • No camping until October
  • Spending more time with my brother and sister-in-law (Yay!)
  • Also spending more time with 2 cats. (Yay! Time with animals is time well spent.)
  • Opting in to the free Disney+ subscription because: Mandalorian
  • Starting a kitchen remodel
  • Sending more money to arts and BIPOC organizations in town, and also to ACLU
  • Checking on friends via phone more often
  • And all of this seeming to precipitate from: pandemic, murderous police officers & the related, necessary protests, a stressful election, and all of the related collective emotional and biological impact of all of this

We can do this.

Above, from left to right: the “before” kitchen, the “during” temporary kitchen, the in-progress new kitchen, and the kitchen flooring, 2-3 layers down.