Why do we have to do Yin again?!

Here’s a yummy lunch I’m about to eat. I’ll share the recipe, below. What does chickpea and dumpling soup have to do with Yin Yoga? How about: expectations? In the vinyasa flow yoga class I taught last evening, I shared some of what I learned in a workshop over the weekend. This was while my students were in lizard pose (Utthan Pristhasana). Usually, once I’ve … Continue reading Why do we have to do Yin again?!

Garlic Soup

Food, glorious food! We’ve been cooking more. Or, more accurately, Steve has been cooking more. I’ve mainly been sitting more, lately. And swimming. One especially delicious dish he made this week was from  Plenty cookbook, and it’s pictured above. His modifications: use bottled harissa, add a seedy, add soft whole-grain pita as a side, and add a dollop of not just greek yogurt, but “honey salted caramel” flavored Greek … Continue reading Garlic Soup

Cooking from home

Last week, we had a snow day at my job -on that day this meant that the forecast looked so grim that various supervisors sent people home around noon, to avoid dangerous rush-hour drives home. I got home early enough to get started on the evening’s dinner: Aromatic Asparagus and Sweet Potato Curry with Cilantro, from Bryant Terry‘s terrific cookbook, The Inspired Vegan. My only riff on … Continue reading Cooking from home