Love, Steady Effort and the Nature of Divinity

At a tech conference about a week ago, I ran into a former co-worker who practices yoga, has awareness that I teach yoga, and also whose family is from India. I told him I was taking an advanced yoga study course and was currently re-reading the Bhagavad Gita. He excitedly reacted by telling me that he loves the Gita as it offers guidance for any … Continue reading Love, Steady Effort and the Nature of Divinity

Half Beaked: My Trip to Galápagos with Mom

On a vacation, when the polish on my toenails chips off (or disappears completely) in the first few days, I typically choose to either a) get mildly irritated or b) rejoice. This is because I’m either traveling to relax and recover from a tough few months or year, or to set out upon an adventure. I’ll view the blemish as additional decay/a reminder that I was too tired … Continue reading Half Beaked: My Trip to Galápagos with Mom

Spice for my students

January 1 this year marked another year of teaching yoga. To celebrate and express gratitude for the trust, opportunity and great energy, I created some gifts for my students and the studio owner. If you’ve been reading or exploring my posts for awhile, you’ll see that these gifts happen most years, and usually take an edible (or at least flavorful) form. There is a typically a theme, depending … Continue reading Spice for my students

Lake Maria campsite

Would Survivorman Approve?

Our Camp Every Month challenge continues: we winter-camped two weekends ago! This was my third time ever, and our second time this winter (the first, if you’re being literal, as our first time was in December before the solstice). For the most part, we enjoyed our Saturday-to-Sunday adventure, and learned a few things, as well: Staying hydrated We chose a park with only backpack-only sites. So, … Continue reading Would Survivorman Approve?