drilling for bulbs
Drilling for Tulips

Hello, my name is Arah. I’m a lover of my husband, the arts, the outdoors, travel, yoga, food, and user experience design who currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. Here –sometimes tucked into the “Helen’s Loom” section– you will find stories about my adventures in all of those areas.  I do my best to balance work, love, health and … the stoke. Imbalances are often discussed. Sometimes I just post pictures.

You’ll also find information about my yoga teaching, and a portfolio showcasing my user experience design work.

I call the blog “Helen’s Loom” as a reference to a gigantic loom that my Aunt Helen had in her house. She wove beautiful things with it, but it was the loom itself that I found most interesting. it was such a fascinating contraption, to enjoin any variety of different objects and textures. My writings there are kind of like that: sometimes all over the place, but unified by my personality & passions. Thanks for reading.

Other internet places to find me: Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn.