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Rules for a super slow-runner

Run slower. If that doesn’t work, try harder. Give up worrying about your stride rate, and carry along sunscreen to reapply. Get a running buddy, and converse. Maybe rethink the idea of going for a long run with your former rugby teammate, who played in the wing position, scored a lot and ran 7:30’s the last time she did a marathon. Monitor your heart rate: for me, this … Continue reading Rules for a super slow-runner

Canned Fruit


I’ve been musing on a different way to organize my week. Could it work? And by “work” I mean if I did this, would I become more sane, and less stressed out by my obligations? Monday: Physical fitness day. Do all my running, cooking, healthy eating, stretching, strength workouts, and avoid alcohol and the TV two hours before bed. Always get a massage. Do not … Continue reading Teetering


Perfect timing: the 11am meal that I ate, just proceeding a yoga teacher-training lecture on Ayurveda, is a meal that upset my stomach, albeit to a small (as in, fleeting) degree. The meal, pictured at right, included a pineapple-coconut scone, a chèvre, mashed potato, sweet potato and walnut pesto omelet, with a salad that included strong onions and basil vinaigrette. Most likely, what upset my … Continue reading off-kilter