Vegan before six? Okay.

Pride 2013 in San Francisco

I love a parade: we happened upon Pride in San Francisco

I had planned on writing a post about the non-food aspects of our recent California and Oregon trip, but a theme escapes me, aside from summer fun with family, parades, my camera, our hiking shoes, beautiful western gardens, an awesome national park, and interesting urban scenery – none of which is all that novel, especially in mid-July.

As such, my Flickr set of photos taken on the trip will have to suffice. Do check them out – but don’t be surprised if a few of them re-surface in coming weeks as inspiration for a post or two.

Darlingtonia californica

Cobra lily, AKA west coast pitcher plant

In fact, a photo shot in my mother’s garden serves well here as a segue to some cooking adventures Steve and I have been taking since our return from that trip.  Continue reading