Winter fun in Hayward, Wisconsin

This past weekend included lots of snow, copious amounts of laughter and catching up with 10+ friends, a fair number of hours spent lounging in a comfy cabin watching snow accumulate, plenty of good food, more than enough beer and wine, a little reading, some good music, two hilarious snorting dogs, layer upon layer of puffy and/or fuzzy warm clothes, a dreamy hour of skiing … Continue reading Winter fun in Hayward, Wisconsin

Oh, the places you’ll go

Post-Birkie musings: I do have Birkie Fever. Monday night, I sat down to plot out my training for the next “season” and it extended until the end of February. Normally it ends in October. This doesn’t necessarily mean that I plan on skiing the race next year, just the trail; Steve has voiced interested in the more relaxed version of the event, earlier in the … Continue reading Oh, the places you’ll go