catfish at market

Shopping in Baguio

Laura wants to know where the shopping photos are, from our recent trip in SE Asia. I didn’t take a whole lot, because there were a few times when I had to choose to put down the camera. Our snorkeling excursions, navigating the sometimes precipitous rice terraces, and enjoying our wild night of Ifugao dancing were notable other times. Another reason for not many engaging-in-commerce … Continue reading Shopping in Baguio

Hamline Bridge Art

The beauty of the bamboo train

I have this amazing friend who is traveling in Europe–or rather Asia, as she recently moved into the eastern part of Turkey. She’s been making short, sweet and colorful posts to her tumbr blog as she progresses along, gathering sunshine warmth, sampling new flavors and seeing amazing sights. These posts make me very happy for her, and envious, as they romanticize (rightfully so) a long trip … Continue reading The beauty of the bamboo train