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Chocolate, chakras and holidays

It’s very likely a stretch to suggest that chocolate & a├žai-covered blueberries might help clear some third-eye chakra congestion. However, the results of my recent research on this chakra, called Ajna, yielded such a wide variety of sometimes conflicting answers, that the berries might stand a chance. But then, perhaps on some days, you just need some chocolate-covered blueberries. Witness a body, mind or spirit … Continue reading Chocolate, chakras and holidays

Sacral chakra work in Oregon

A Garland in Mom’s Garden

I think this is my favorite photo from our July trip out west, and I’ve been mulling over what to write about it ever since we got back. For me it has some perfection and yet some contradiction. The pose I’m taking there is called Garland pose, or Malasana. Some yoga traditions have called it frog pose, or yogi squat. Two out of those three line up right, for me: I’m in my mother’s garden, where flowers (i.e. what tends to go into garlands) and frogs are plentiful.

On the other hand, “squatting” in a place of such beauty, and one that is tended by my mom is what seems a little impolite, but at least I’m smiling there, if not laughing. Continue reading “Sacral chakra work in Oregon”


12:05pm. Nobody shows for the yoga class I teach at work. Oddly enough, in the past 12 months of doing these twice-weekly classes, this has never happened. It’s a rainy day, and in the room in which we do the yoga practice, the wall we face is all windows, facing a small bay off the Missisippi River. The rain is difficult to ignore, especially as … Continue reading Roots


In this final week of yoga teacher-training, my fellow classmates and I are each filling out a lengthy take-home test, as well as preparing for what sounds like a low-pressure pop quiz in class, next weekend. Both will cover a wide array of topics, including anatomy, yogic philosophy, teaching and learning methods, and our retention of the specific asana series that we’ve been learning to … Continue reading Anahata