“Jillian Michaels’ BodySHRED class is coming to the Y!” So read the post for one my local Y locations, in Facebook. A few months ago there as a similar post for a class called “R.I.P.P.E.D.” I expect BodyREND, then BodyDETONATE to be on that schedule in the future. What is this love affair with masochism, with fitness marketing? Do we all need punishment? Does bleeding … Continue reading BodySMOOCHES

To market, to market.

Flow. Menstruation. Rivers. Power. Muscle-bound half-naked men making scary sounds while lifting large iron objects. Or, something plugged into a wall. Or, somebody wearing a bodysuit. Vinyasa. What language is that? Yoga. Quiet room, no sweating. Candles? Bending bodies into improbable contortions, even if it’s just attempting to touch one’s oh-so-distant toes. I think I’d really rather call my yoga class, “Energy yoga”. Chi yoga? … Continue reading To market, to market.


Hubby likes colorful food, originally uploaded by arahbahn. I’m not entirely sure that my slow, flat 8-miler yesterday gave me a need for recovery fuel, but here’s what it ended up being: one of the Buttermilk Ham & Cheese Muffins that I made on Saturday. 27.3 grams carbs, 9.6 grams protein were in it. It was perhaps a little high in fat (19g), but the … Continue reading Recovery