My hometown has a springtime parade every year, the Daffodil Festival Parade. This is the likely explanation for why daffodils –A.K.A. narcissus– have always been my favorite spring flower. However, since I moved to Minnesota, they are really put to the test. Any flower that emerges from the cold abyss from winter here is welcome. Crocus, forsythia, lilac, tulips, grape hyacinth, scylla: I love them … Continue reading Festive


One of the many things that I find amazing about sunflowers is that so much growth and metamorphosis happens in near-complete silence (which this morning was broken by the bumblebee). This spectacle went from a dry little striped seed, then a tiny, wimpy-looking but hopeful seedling that stood a 50% chance of survival, then sprang up to a four, then six, then nine-foot stalk with … Continue reading Roar.