Sacral chakra work in Oregon

A Garland in Mom’s Garden

I think this is my favorite photo from our July trip out west, and I’ve been mulling over what to write about it ever since we got back. For me it has some perfection and yet some contradiction. The pose I’m taking there is called Garland pose, or Malasana. Some yoga traditions have called it frog pose, or yogi squat. Two out of those three line up right, for me: I’m in my mother’s garden, where flowers (i.e. what tends to go into garlands) and frogs are plentiful.

On the other hand, “squatting” in a place of such beauty, and one that is tended by my mom is what seems a little impolite, but at least I’m smiling there, if not laughing. Continue reading “Sacral chakra work in Oregon”

I am a Summer

Rocks are warm, and friends are willing to climb them with me. Tomatoes are a-growing in the back yard. So are radishes, arugula, basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, and parsley. Hopefully the peppers and squash will fruit up, soon. I can go for a run outside without fear of getting hurt on ice: I’m healthy and it’s warm outside. Fresh figs, though they are not local, … Continue reading I am a Summer


Food on the brain

Sprouts, everywhere. It’s the first day of summer. We may have a perfect-for-solstice 108 sprouting plants, mostly due to my recent ham-fisted actions with a packet of arugula seeds. Despite a spindly┬áJune with the tomato, pepper and okra seeds that we started on the fridge in February, we now have filled every available slot in the plot behind our garage. We also have some thriving … Continue reading Food on the brain