A four-bear trip: Glacier National Park 2016

So, campfires. Burning the small dead branches broke from beneath thick spreading whitebark pine.   a hundred summers snowmelt        rock        and air hiss in a twisted bough.   sierra granite; Mt. Ritter— black rock twice as old.   Deneb, Altair windy fire –Gary Snyder,  1968 from “The Back Country” Just over 10 years ago at our wedding,…

Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes

Vacations for me usually include at least two of the items below: An escape from the frigid Minnesota winter An escape from a frigid Minnesota winter to someplace even more snowy because winter + mountains = better and usually not as cold plus great skiing Discovery of someplace new and likely far away, to open our eyes to…

Cascading Crystal Kaleidoscope

A Gunks story preamble: the weekend that just passed was full of color, challenge, friends, sunshine, rain, rocks, leaves, steps, sweets, apples, multi-pitch routes, laughs, spies, multiple state-line crossings, German and Hungarian accents, hospitality, love, some really good beer, and a little abrasion. Stay tuned for the long–and more illustrated–version.

I love the Box: a Grand Canyon overnight

For years, I’ve been a fan of mountaineering stories. I’ve relished the tales of extreme challenge, powerful drive, and supernatural scenery in “Annapurna”, “Ghosts of Everest: The Search for Mallory and Irvine”, “High Exposure”, and “Conquistadors of the Useless”. Eventually I did take a glacier skills course, and I summited a couple (as in two,…

Switching gears

As much as I do enjoy snow (indeed it is the reason I’m here in Minnesota, there, I said it), I love, love LOVE summer weekends. We just had another good one, even though it’s so hot and sticky that I’ve got prickly heat for the first time since I was about eight years old….