waterton lake

A four-bear trip: Glacier National Park 2016

So, campfires. Burning the small dead branches broke from beneath thick spreading whitebark pine.   a hundred summers snowmelt        rock        and air hiss in a twisted bough.   sierra granite; Mt. Ritter— black rock twice as old.   Deneb, Altair windy fire –Gary Snyder,  1968 from “The Back Country” Just over 10 years ago at our wedding, Steve and I each read a poem to each other. … Continue reading A four-bear trip: Glacier National Park 2016

Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes

Vacations for me usually include at least two of the items below: An escape from the frigid Minnesota winter An escape from a frigid Minnesota winter to someplace even more snowy because winter + mountains = better and usually not as cold plus great skiing Discovery of someplace new and likely far away, to open our eyes to new cultures, ideas and foods A reunion with family, usually at … Continue reading Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes

Cascading Crystal Kaleidoscope

A Gunks story preamble: the weekend that just passed was full of color, challenge, friends, sunshine, rain, rocks, leaves, steps, sweets, apples, multi-pitch routes, laughs, spies, multiple state-line crossings, German and Hungarian accents, hospitality, love, some really good beer, and a little abrasion. Stay tuned for the long–and more illustrated–version. Continue reading Cascading Crystal Kaleidoscope

I love the Box: a Grand Canyon overnight

For years, I’ve been a fan of mountaineering stories. I’ve relished the tales of extreme challenge, powerful drive, and supernatural scenery in “Annapurna”, “Ghosts of Everest: The Search for Mallory and Irvine”, “High Exposure”, and “Conquistadors of the Useless”. Eventually I did take a glacier skills course, and I summited a couple (as in two, out of the five attempted) peaks, both in the North … Continue reading I love the Box: a Grand Canyon overnight