Another end…

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Nobody Leaves Dallas

…to a great climbing trip. Due to the present reality of air travel, we got to spend an unexpected additional 20 hours in transit, and another $200 or so in hotel and meal expenses in Grand Junction, Colorado. Poo on the recession and airlines that are finally being intelligent about their expenditures. But yay for airlines that wanted to keep us the hell away from tornadoes in Dallas.

And you know what? That’s fine: I was with 4 of the finest people I know, extending the fun that included 2 more of them, even though we didn’t manage to squeeze in any more climbs, sadly. Castleton and Ancient Art Towers will have to wait til next time, which is fine because I intentionally saved Incredible Hand Crack for our return, as well. My tired, twisted feet needed a break, late Saturday.

My trip photos will be posted, soon! Stay tuned.