Well, I had a great post going about a daily yoga practice streak that had lasted 3 weeks, but the streak got broken. By a stomach virus/food poisoning experience over this past weekend. Darn! So, I’m going to take this opportunity to write a post of complaints, because sometimes releasing those thoughts is restorative, for me and maybe others. That’s as long as the primal scream doesn’t leave you … Continue reading Topsy-turvy

Crunchy crooked forward what?

I’ve had chapped lips for 2 weeks. When last I did training for something big and athletic, my secret weapon was a deep-tissue massage every 5 weeks and a really tough weight training session, every Sunday. This time it’s getting comfortable with 5 runs per week – and organizing my runs so that I can get to a weekly yoga class and spend motoring time with fantastic … Continue reading Crunchy crooked forward what?

Meditations on meditation. Plus pies.

Voilà (at left) the magic that is Gardener’s Pie. There are some months when I reject an entire issue’s worth of Cooking Light recipes. In other issues, there are gems. From November’s issue came the one I cooked on Sunday afternoon after a long, slushy, muddy, exhausting (and so, very fun) trail run. What a reward! Here’s the recipe; note that it’s meatless, though not vegan. That bit of … Continue reading Meditations on meditation. Plus pies.


“Jillian Michaels’ BodySHRED class is coming to the Y!” So read the post for one my local Y locations, in Facebook. A few months ago there as a similar post for a class called “R.I.P.P.E.D.” I expect BodyREND, then BodyDETONATE to be on that schedule in the future. What is this love affair with masochism, with fitness marketing? Do we all need punishment? Does bleeding … Continue reading BodySMOOCHES