Lars Lerin watercolors: Bowled over

How often do you walk into an art exhibit and your breathing just … stops? So it was, a couple weeks ago when I finally managed to fit a visit to this show into my typical Saturday-in-Minneapolis morning. “The Watercolor Worlds of Lars Lerin” was about to finish its run at The American Swedish Institute and I was determined to check it out, even if … Continue reading Lars Lerin watercolors: Bowled over

red velvet cake

Confab 2013: Not An Argy-Bargy

In sum.
A Paul Ford slide

I went to the Confab content strategy conference and came back wanting to get good at handstands by the end of the of the year.

It’s the truth. The weird truth, but there you have it. Inspiration works in strange ways. Alas, I also left the Minneapolis Hyatt last Wednesday evening inspired to dig into content strategy (if you don’t know what it is or why a designer/yogini/traveler like me is interested, read this great explanation of the field/topic). Here’s what was great about Confab:  Continue reading “Confab 2013: Not An Argy-Bargy”

Hi, rye

Bike, meet river.
ST500 + Mississippi: to Minneapolis we go!

A good, long(ish) bike ride isn’t necessarily an excuse for decadence. But darn if sitting at a café wearing bike shorts and daintily digging into pastry with a fork isn’t something heavenly. Now and then.

The “Royal” at Chez Arnaud was acceptable, but not as good as the Royale from Louisville’s Ghylsain, though the latter had the benefit of being situated in a vacation. Continue reading “Hi, rye”

steve at piano

Play the Building: Lots of Plinking

Pipes banging: am I in my last apartment? A crazy-long line behind the organ: No, I’m in line for food in college. Tubes coming out of the back of an otherwise welcoming, beckoning organ: Resistance is futile. Borg has arrived and has started merging all the instruments (Borg is confused). Spotlights on various metal objects & their banging apparatuses, high up on the masonry walls: … Continue reading Play the Building: Lots of Plinking