Camped Every Month

HEY we camped every month for a year, starting in July 2016, when we had just returned from a great trip to Glacier National Park. We’re going to look at our accomplishment through a few lenses. Starting with: lenses! Every month, right here: one photo, as shared in real-time on Instagram. June 2017: The challenge is a little different, this month. #campeverymonth #hellooooocanada A post shared … Continue reading Camped Every Month

Lake Maria campsite

Would Survivorman Approve?

Our Camp Every Month challenge continues: we winter-camped two weekends ago! This was my third time ever, and our second time this winter (the first, if you’re being literal, as our first time was in December before the solstice). For the most part, we enjoyed our Saturday-to-Sunday adventure, and learned a few things, as well: Staying hydrated We chose a park with only backpack-only sites. So, … Continue reading Would Survivorman Approve?

Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes

Vacations for me usually include at least two of the items below: An escape from the frigid Minnesota winter An escape from a frigid Minnesota winter to someplace even more snowy because winter + mountains = better and usually not as cold plus great skiing Discovery of someplace new and likely far away, to open our eyes to new cultures, ideas and foods A reunion with family, usually at … Continue reading Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes