Hairdresser on fire

You plan a haircut or some other decadent, restorative salon visit during your birthday week. You do this because you want to feel beautiful, the cut is overdue, and because the visit has been encouraged by a girlfriend. You look forward to it, anticipating the hour or so of sitting still and letting someone’s skilled hands move over you, making healing things happen to your body and mind. … Continue reading Hairdresser on fire

Rails and the City: the Central Corridor LRT

Last weekend allowed me a good walk though most of downtown Saint Paul, as I needed to pick up my race packet, and wanted to get some blood flowing in legs that hadn’t run in seven days. On a Saturday morning, it’s a relatively quiet urban area, with various relics indicating that it was more busy, in years past. These include fine stonework on some … Continue reading Rails and the City: the Central Corridor LRT

View from the nest

Here we are, the Monday after the snowing-all-day-Saturday Snowpocalypse, and my general assessment of the weekend was that it was tiring: right now, I’m sore all over from shoveling and from moving around, though, and over snow. How did I lose the lovely feeling I had, late Saturday night? No hangover was involved. Maybe it’s a hangover of a different kind; a sort of whiplash … Continue reading View from the nest