Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes

Vacations for me usually include at least two of the items below: An escape from the frigid Minnesota winter An escape from a frigid Minnesota winter to someplace even more snowy because winter + mountains = better and usually not as cold plus great skiing Discovery of someplace new and likely far away, to open our eyes to new cultures, ideas and foods A reunion with family, usually at … Continue reading Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes

Sacral chakra work in Oregon

A Garland in Mom’s Garden

I think this is my favorite photo from our July trip out west, and I’ve been mulling over what to write about it ever since we got back. For me it has some perfection and yet some contradiction. The pose I’m taking there is called Garland pose, or Malasana. Some yoga traditions have called it frog pose, or yogi squat. Two out of those three line up right, for me: I’m in my mother’s garden, where flowers (i.e. what tends to go into garlands) and frogs are plentiful.

On the other hand, “squatting” in a place of such beauty, and one that is tended by my mom is what seems a little impolite, but at least I’m smiling there, if not laughing. Continue reading “Sacral chakra work in Oregon”

West Coast Trip 2013: The Food

spiced pluot crostada
As patriotic as can be!

I have long claimed to be more of a cake person, but this may be the year that I turn over (turnover!) to the pie side. Over two weeks’ time, I made a batch of rhubarb hand pies and a stone fruit crostata that were so amazing that it’s really surprising that I didn’t eat the whole batch or pie myself. Pictured above is the crostata that I made at Mom’s place while we were there for the July 4 holiday. This “Spiced Crostata with Pluots” recipe, as presented by Sunset magazine, was excellent. That said, the crust on the Rhubarb Hand Pies (from Smitten Kitchen) that Becky and I made in late June (pictured here), which benefited from some buttermilk, tasted a little better and was a little easier to handle (which is good because hand pies involve … handling).

Perhaps the fruit desserts were so good because both dishes were made with friends and family? Local fruit in season helped, as well.  Continue reading “West Coast Trip 2013: The Food”

Treehouse love

  A New Tree House, originally uploaded by arahbahn. Technology has a way of making seemingly simple things maddeningly complicated. Introducing the concept of a time-out is a very healthy thing to do, and I intend to do it even more often. Yesterday I took a digital sabbatical. One day, where I did not use the internet. Well, I caved because I was desperate to … Continue reading Treehouse love