Spice for my students

January 1 this year marked another year of teaching yoga. To celebrate and express gratitude for the trust, opportunity and great energy, I created some gifts for my students and the studio owner. If you’ve been reading or exploring my posts for awhile, you’ll see that these gifts happen most years, and usually take an edible (or at least flavorful) form. There is a typically a theme, depending … Continue reading Spice for my students

troncones beach

Back from the beach

It’s negative thirteen degrees here in Saint Paul! And (an ultra-positive) seventy one in Troncones, Mexico. I’m unwrapping my fingers from my mug of hot beverage just for a few moments to share two things: First, the above great words, which our yoga teacher Ted shared on day two or so of the terrific yoga and beach/sun/surf/food/friendship retreat from which I’ve just returned. And second: … Continue reading Back from the beach