A van pulls over near you in the middle of the night

When else is a van in the dark a good thing?* It’s fun to reminisce with friends from afar who have also competed in a 200-mile relay. My not-too-surprising main takeaway from this year’s experience running in Ragnar Relay Great River: prioritize rest/sleep. Maybe even above showering; certainly above food. Because: hot, hot summer. The van will smell, and your guts will get confused no matter … Continue reading A van pulls over near you in the middle of the night

Because … reasons

As I round the corner of the suddenly enormous queen-size bed, feeling every inch of the way the blister on my right big toe, the chafe-burns on both thighs and …┬ásore triceps? “Why am I doing this?” It felt like it took several minutes to crawl into bed and get sufficiently reclined for sleep. “You’re strong. You’re awesome…” comes from the other side of the … Continue reading Because … reasons

gym at hyland

A best run

Saturday had fully exhausted me: I was at a conference for part of it, managed to injure myself there, then went to a movie and grabbed a few groceries, and even later went out for a quick bite for dinner with Steve. I vowed to sit on the couch all day Sunday; I’d been meaning to read a few (small) books, and the physical need … Continue reading A best run