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Run through the jungle

Ancho “San Luis”, originally uploaded by arahbahn.

Alicia, Tom and Nancy have planted a devil seed in my mind: Moose Mountain Marathon. All my talk to people/myself about my disinterest in a marathon, down the tubes, quite possibly, as I’ve gone and reserved a campsite up at Temperance for that night & am trying to persuade hubbie to get us a hotel room for the night prior, somewhere nearby.

Why I could do it: It’s a trail run with a pretty late cutoff time. The longest I’ve run so far is nearly 3 hours for 25k, so a marathon should take me about/over twice that time, but various folks –including this page of advice– tell me that my recent mileage/hourage has prepped me somewhat sufficiently.

Why I would want to do it: scenery! People to run with. The adventure of a new race distance: how would I do? I haven’t really nailed what my best distance is, though I know that my mental and physical “momentum” usually kicks in after 5 miles, and although I haven’t really pushed myself in my longer trail races, I have enjoyed them.

Why I might not choose to do it:
Time. The race is a month away. My long trail run on weekends is long enough, but my midweek runs need to be at least 7 miles each. That’s doable from my doorstep, but not on trails, and I think that one of my midweek runs needs to be on trail. I live in the city, and the nearest park is 30 mins away.

So, making a change would involve some sacrifice and schedule modification, which I’m not sure I want to do, presently: I love my climbing or yoga nights, and the time I get on evenings to tend my garden and cook.

Maybe I can focus on the Nerstrand half, for the remainder of the summer, and plan on Moose, next year?

Regardless: I am really looking forward to some camping and hiking on the North Shore! It’s been far too long since we’ve done that.