Santosha and tapas in subscription boxes

What I have is a flower that bloomed from a seed packet we’ve had for years that I finally planted in haste in June because our vegetable garden is having a rough year and I’d really like to see something other than non-flowering weeds happen in fresh dirt in our yard. Beautiful things from tiny seeds found in a drawer and a bare patch in the … Continue reading Santosha and tapas in subscription boxes

2013: Things that will stay the same

Baking and trying new dinner recipes with Steve Teaching yoga to my most excellent yoga friends at Green Body …and to my yoga friends at my workplace “Traveling” in my hometown: checking out new food, art, trails, experiences Squeezing more vegetables into my diet Enjoying our still-fairly-newly remodeled basement Loving huckleberry tea Now and then, mostly when it’s hot outside, a Nolet’s gin & tonic. Yum. … Continue reading 2013: Things that will stay the same

Rat Race

Santosha, baby. Be content. No students appeared at my Tuesday class this week. Perhaps I should say no other students, for there is teacher and learning moment in everything, including a room with just one person in it. The occasion allowed me some quiet practice alone – time to breathe, and time to work on a difficult pose, pincha mayurasana, and some other arm balances. … Continue reading Rat Race


My mom took this photo! I am so proud of her, her talents, and her care. We were very lucky to take a trip to Maine together, this spring, where she took this photo. In most of the yoga classes I teach, there is a point early in the class when I invite people to set a devotion or intention for the class. For the … Continue reading Bursting