gym at hyland

A best run

Saturday had fully exhausted me: I was at a conference for part of it, managed to injure myself there, then went to a movie and grabbed a few groceries, and even later went out for a quick bite for dinner with Steve. I vowed to sit on the couch all day Sunday; I’d been meaning to read a few (small) books, and the physical need … Continue reading A best run


My hometown has a springtime parade every year, the Daffodil Festival Parade. This is the likely explanation for why daffodils –A.K.A. narcissus– have always been my favorite spring flower. However, since I moved to Minnesota, they are really put to the test. Any flower that emerges from the cold abyss from winter here is welcome. Crocus, forsythia, lilac, tulips, grape hyacinth, scylla: I love them … Continue reading Festive


Sometimes, even tiny wee baby little plants need help. And that’s where a twist-tie can come in handy. Tomatoes! On the fridge. I can’t believe how many things are in bloom right now, when we are normally covered in several inches, if not feet, of snow. Forsythia already happened, now we see daffodils, tulips, fruit trees, and just tonight, even lilacs. I am wondering if … Continue reading Crutches