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Buckets of hit points

We have just returned from a weekend of ski, cabin, and general Puget Sound fun; I’m still processing the photos & stories from it.

Though I’m really wishing for a nap, I marvel at the restorative properties of a vacation, even when it’s an exhausting one! Despite aches on at least four parts of my body (or just all of it, due to a pre-trip fall on the ice in our driveway), we had a great trip. I even managed more skiing than I thought I’d be able to do, due to my recent heel stress fracture. Evidently I have an endless store of hit points. Or, more likely: the snow, love & stories from friends & family, a super cute baby, great food, calming flat (foggy) light, fun games and breathtaking scenery were fairly effective healing potions. Yay for great trips. Stay tuned for more photos.