Food on the brain

Sprouts, everywhere. It’s the first day of summer. We may have a perfect-for-solstice 108 sprouting plants, mostly due to my recent ham-fisted actions with a packet of arugula seeds. Despite a spindly┬áJune with the tomato, pepper and okra seeds that we started on the fridge in February, we now have filled every available slot in the plot behind our garage. We also have some thriving … Continue reading Food on the brain


Sometimes, even tiny wee baby little plants need help. And that’s where a twist-tie can come in handy. Tomatoes! On the fridge. I can’t believe how many things are in bloom right now, when we are normally covered in several inches, if not feet, of snow. Forsythia already happened, now we see daffodils, tulips, fruit trees, and just tonight, even lilacs. I am wondering if … Continue reading Crutches

Hot summer sun

Saucy!, originally uploaded by arahbahn. It’s finally acting like summer around here, so hopefully these tomatoes will turn red! I’m a little concerned that their increasing weight will make them fall off the vine. Is that possible? I’m pretty new to tomato-growing. It sure has been fun, watching the flowers, inspecting them daily for more baby tomatoes. We have a few chili peppers that are … Continue reading Hot summer sun


Not Tomato-lets Any More, originally uploaded by arahbahn. 4 years ago I sure wasn’t interested in growing any vegetables, much less tomatoes, much less on my back porch. Lately, the three characters pictured above are making my day, every day. Life is strange. It’s the cosmic convergence of several things: It’s summer! The garden’s insatiable need for weeding gives me another reason to spend time … Continue reading Froot