Tomorrow is National Running Day. Today seems like as good of a day as any to write about running. Plus, very soon I’m going to get to run with a very special person and I’m really excited about it. I just read most of the new Runner’s World magazine issue, which means the last item I read was their “I’m a Runner” column. I’m going … Continue reading Spiderwebs

“If it were easy we wouldn’t be here…”

I heard the above words at the check-in area for the Afton Trail Run, this past Saturday. I was there as a volunteer; the speaker was there as a runner. I’ve run this run (the 25k version) once before. I didn’t agree with him: I’ve found that preparing properly for races is the hard part. Showing up for the race is easy, in comparison – … Continue reading “If it were easy we wouldn’t be here…”