Immortalized in Stone

Inspiration for a post today comes from WordPress’ Daily Prompt: Your personal sculptor is carving a person, thing or event from the last year of your life. What’s the statue of and what makes it so significant? Fortunately for this post, we didn’t get a picture of what I have in mind for my statue….


Tomorrow is National Running Day. Today seems like as good of a day as any to write about running. Plus, very soon I’m going to get to run with a very special person and I’m really excited about it. I just read most of the new Runner’s World magazine issue, which means the last item…

So Far

Aside from the 3.07 hours it took me to run further than I’ve ever run before, it feels like the rest of my focus this weekend has on food. Acquiring it, fixing it, eating it. Reading about it. Asking vendors at the farmers’ market about it, even. Researching where to buy seeds to grow it….


I know what we can do, to make it harder. Convince the legislature to shut down the state, which will shut down the state park, forcing the 25 and 50k trail races to be held at the nearest ski hill. Yeah, that would do it. Beautifully brilliant! Well, it was a solution – a great…

my answer

Over the long holiday weekend I finally made it out to Afton State Park for a run with some friends. The weather was fabulous, as was the companionship and food: this was a gathering of Minnesota trail runners, complete with potluck after the romp through the woods, wetlands and prairie. A good number of these…

“If it were easy we wouldn’t be here…”

I heard the above words at the check-in area for the Afton Trail Run, this past Saturday. I was there as a volunteer; the speaker was there as a runner. I’ve run this run (the 25k version) once before. I didn’t agree with him: I’ve found that preparing properly for races is the hard part….

balls out

Bloo!, originally uploaded by arahbahn. I’ve been a grump, the past several Halloweens. Maybe not, this year. Largely due to one pack of neighborhood teens without costumes, knocking on the door and asking for candy, hubbie and I decided not to participate. We figure, as well, that candy isn’t in their best interest anyway. So,…