Frustrated runner is frustrated

My marathon training is driving me completely bonkers. I am not even close to quitting this, and until this point I have avoided dwelling on the whole thing, feeling that putting my hazy thoughts into silent or uttered words would be feeding the beast that does not need an extra meal. At this point, however, I’m hoping that a brief venting session would be a cathartic and healing experience. … Continue reading Frustrated runner is frustrated

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Rules for a super slow-runner

Run slower. If that doesn’t work, try harder. Give up worrying about your stride rate, and carry along sunscreen to reapply. Get a running buddy, and converse. Maybe rethink the idea of going for a long run with your former rugby teammate, who played in the wing position, scored a lot and ran 7:30’s the last time she did a marathon. Monitor your heart rate: for me, this … Continue reading Rules for a super slow-runner