A van pulls over near you in the middle of the night

When else is a van in the dark a good thing?* It’s fun to reminisce with friends from afar who have also competed in a 200-mile relay. My not-too-surprising main takeaway from this year’s experience running in Ragnar Relay Great River: prioritize rest/sleep. Maybe even above showering; certainly above food. Because: hot, hot summer. The van will smell, and your guts will get confused no matter … Continue reading A van pulls over near you in the middle of the night

Dinner table scenery: #tbt

  Just over two weeks ago, we enjoyed a campsite dinner in Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area‘s Firehole Canyon campground, pictured above (behind the chef). It was amazing!  More travel stories from our recent trip are coming to this blog, soon. Here’s a map of our adventure. Speaking of dinner and things amazing: the chef above made us a great dinner last night, of some … Continue reading Dinner table scenery: #tbt

Iceland Trip Listicle

I am mustering up a more thorough review of our recent trip to Iceland. For now, here is a photo and some top memories. Flavor The coffee, every morning at Hotel Natura’s breakfast. We had several great meals in Iceland (including all our breakfasts), but having fantastic coffee every morning was really the best part, especially after being out late, then sleeping in late. Also: beets for … Continue reading Iceland Trip Listicle