Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes

Vacations for me usually include at least two of the items below: An escape from the frigid Minnesota winter An escape from a frigid Minnesota winter to someplace even more snowy because winter + mountains = better and usually not as cold plus great skiing Discovery of someplace new and likely far away, to open our eyes to new cultures, ideas and foods A reunion with family, usually at … Continue reading Oohs, ahhhs, and amazed gapes

Mirror Lake

Weekend in/near Wasatch

flagpole hike in Park City
Midway through a hike in the ‘hood

I was bloody before I even got on the plane.

Before we headed out on our 3-day weekend visit with my brother and sister-in-law in Park City, Steve and I were both expecting something extreme. Visits with my family are almost never restful, though they are restorative, at least for me. We like to do stuff! Park City is at 7,000 ft. and it’s blessed with far more scenic trails than reasons to sit down.

Hence the humor in seeing this sticker (at left) on a flagpole, at the pinnacle of a morning hike that Laura & I did, our last day there. Continue reading “Weekend in/near Wasatch”

2011 climbing trip … number 1?

There are many reasons I love visiting the desert; this image captures several of them. The spectrum of contrasts is ever stunning to me: skinny, plump, pale, deep, dead, alive, dry, wet … there’s no reason to stop looking. That said, I was way overdue for a climbing trip, and those often venture into desert lands. We decided on Moab, Utah. Why was the trip … Continue reading 2011 climbing trip … number 1?