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Summer Camp in January: My First Yoga Retreat

You know that feeling, when you have a lunch date planned with a friend and you’re thoroughly excited about it? As in, you’re about to burst? You’re looking forward to┬áthe conversation, the attention, the upcoming re-forged connection, the laughter, the commiseration, the joking about the salad line, the sympathy for the experimental grain-free diet? Yeah, me neither. Lunch date is lunch date, though I do … Continue reading Summer Camp in January: My First Yoga Retreat


Food on the brain

Sprouts, everywhere. It’s the first day of summer. We may have a perfect-for-solstice 108 sprouting plants, mostly due to my recent ham-fisted actions with a packet of arugula seeds. Despite a spindly┬áJune with the tomato, pepper and okra seeds that we started on the fridge in February, we now have filled every available slot in the plot behind our garage. We also have some thriving … Continue reading Food on the brain

skulls at chichen itza

SO not Xibalba

I find myself very disappointed that the first few things that come to mind about my trip are the technological frustrations related to it. But I’ve just finished editing (how did the camera get set to tungsten white balance, ever? So many photos to remove mega-blue from!) and uploading my photos, and I’ve already gone online to confirm that the nice international AT&T accounts rep … Continue reading SO not Xibalba