The weigela is already blooming

I’ve been busily not posting to this blog. What have I been doing?? Well…
I’ve been running: now I’m up to 4.5 miles on my weekly longer runs. I’ve signed up to run an 8k road race on June 3. That’s a little longer than my ideal distance, but it’ll be a fun long training run, if nothing else, and at least one coworker will also be running it. I am building up my training run miles, but I’d like to compete in a few more 5k races to see how close I can come to beating my high-school cross-country PR of a 7:31 mile. Then, finally, I will letter. At least, in my time anyway. We’ll see. At this point if I beat my 8:23 split from the Get In Gear, I’ll be pleased.

I’ve been rock climbing, mostly at the gym, but plan to do more outdoor climbs as well. Somewhat shockingly I’m regularly working 5.10b and c climbs (not flashing them, of course). What fun!

My interest in the garden is ramping up again, as the iris are about to bloom. It’s time to get some seeds sowed.

Work’s been busy and I’ve been inspired. This is good, though it’s also inspiring me to work slightly longer hours. Ah well, at least it doesn’t get dark til 7:30 these days (which is good because I’ve been commuting via bicycle).

I’ve encountered the joys of using an RSS reader to get all my news, etc. in one place. Check out “more of same” in the right column of this page, to see some of the more interesting stuff I’ve been reading.

Oh, and I can now do Pincha Mayurasana. I’ve also managed to make my evening yoga an almost-daily habit. Live is good.