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Rocking the City

Endrizzi on rock

Mike, getting flaky

3 routes in Boulder Canyon, then Margaritas at Juanita’s, then killer dessert: first overnight layover with Nate and Jackie

Vacationing for 4 days, surrounded by stunning granite scenery: 1 domestic airline ticket (involving connections)

Wheat Thin, Rye Crisp, First trad lead on Adolescent Homosapien (5.7), Bloody Fingers, Z-Crack, and First 5.8 trad lead on Skyline: About 20 arm and knee scrapes and a 9:30pm Saturday hot springs soak

Coconut Macaroons: 1 hour baking prior to trip

Watching “300” on huge flatscreen while chowing on Doritos and red wine: second overnight layover and a $99 hotel room

Long weekend trip to City of Rocks, Idaho with Josh and Mike: Priceless

Josh’s photos are here. Mike’s are here.