climbing, running

brief roundup

I’m shopping for a new car. In present order of preference: Toyota Prius, Nissan Versa, Volkswagen Rabbit… and the Toyota Rav4.
Does the last one seem out of place? I’m looking to trade in my 10-year-old 2-door Exploder for something different. The decision is proving difficult because “different” means some esoteric blend of the following factors: new(er), fuel efficiency, zip, a “euro” feel (I’d like to make less of a physical imprint as well as a ecological footprint), cargo capacity (is throwing a snowboard, climbing gear, or bike into, or onto, it going to be a big hassle?), affordability, and, of course, unFordness. Too many things broke off of, or never worked in the first place, with this Explorer. It has mostly served me well, but I’m not going back to Ford.

Presently I’m really digging the Prius, though driving it would be an adjustment. But regardless of the car I choose, adjustments are called for, with regards to fuel efficiency.

What’s left to test? Had an unsavory visit with one Honda dealership; didn’t like the CR-V but may find another Honda peddler who can show us a Fit and an Element.

I’ve been climbing like a fiend; at local crag I’ve led some tough sport routes (5.9-10b!) and am also enjoying progress on some 5.11’s indoors and out. Frankly I’m stunned that I can ascend these at all ( did someone sneak a buff or two into my morning coffee?), I had such a long plateau. I’ve been climbing for eight years now! Ah well, maybe getting spooked on my 2004 mountaineering class pointed me in the right direction. At least this way I get to climb with my buddies.

I’ve also been training to run one last 5k race, on Sept. 22. Hopefully my split will give me a new PR; it just has to beat 7:53 though I’m still shooting for 7:30, though next spring/summer I’m planning on a 10k or two, rather than some of the 5ks I did this summer.

It’s getting to be time for me to do some perennials divisions in the garden. Leslie gave us 2 white peonies that have already found homes; our overgrown hosta Francee and Frances Williams are begging take over another part of the yard & be given to friends. And I’m eager to get a hydrangea or fir into the front yard. Slowly but surely we are evicting most of the sod that came with the house. Also, a few weeks ago I planted some lettuce that may be of edible size soon. Stay tuned for photos.

Me and the hub will be off soon, on our first long trip since the honeymoon. Italy, here we come.