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Plenty of wahooing

As much as I’m really ready to be wearing sandals, I still appreciate the wondrous and white view on the photo above. WOW!

So, in the past month I’ve spent a week in Whitefish, Montana, as well as a very long weekend in Joshua Tree, California. What I brought back, in sum:

  • A sore shoulder. Not bad, considering how colossal and noisy the fall was.
  • I’ve improved my snowboarding skills, but still have a few things to work on. How exactly does one learn to “spread butter” in the flats?
  • Sambuca is yummy. And a little more sophisticated than Jaegermeister.
  • Having skiing skills to fall back on, once I’d gotten tired of falling, is a beautiful thing.
  • I got a few more trad leads under my belt. Including a hard one that I had to back off of, then finish on second.
  • Crack climbing is still the most fun.
  • A note to self, to NOT plan two back-to-back active vacays.
  • It’s really hard to enjoy climbing in an indoor gym, after enjoying granite for several days.
  • Bikram yoga is a pretty bizarre experience, but not for the reasons I’d predicted.
  • It’s superfun to travel with Annette and John, as well as with Joe, Andrea, and Kathleen.
  • It’s superfun to travel & climb again with Josh & Mike
  • My macaroons are still the best.
  • I won’t again try a new way to rack gear, when preparing to lead a challenging route.
  • I’m getting closer to buying the rest of my trad rack. Maybe with the tax return? Oy, cams are not cheap.
  • I still hate Domino’s pizza.