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It’s fall, but it’s not

It’s not fall: I haven’t put away my sandals, yet. Some of my sunflower are still in bloom; my cosmos sure are. As is my Golden Wings rose. The basement isn’t done yet. The maple sure as heck hasn’t dropped its leaves (that’ll happen in November). The Honeycrisp season is not in full swing yet. The climbing gym is still using its “summer” hours.

It’s fall:
look at the date! I want to go clothes shopping. Birches are dropping leaves. Kids are in school. It’s getting light so late, and dark so early, now! And the TV season.. well, it’s still awful. Yay for DVDs. I’m loving “The Closer.”

And, like the big change that awaits a kid going back to school, so goes my choice of hobby. I’m four days away from my big race, and my interest in running is waning. Which is a little ironic considering that I’m really enjoying this taper week of low mileage. I can actually get in a run, over lunch hour! Things that are more appealing: I’m eager to do a little gardening, maybe plant a shrub, lay down a few sacks of mulch before the Big Freeze. Perhaps tend to that knitting project (or two) or sewing project, or wedding scrapbook project. All of these options have been languishing in neglect for not months, but years, just waiting for my Serial Hobbyist tendency to swing their direction.

Stay tuned.