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a waste of Whoppers

Above, you should see two of the four forms of chocolate that are in the batch of what I’ll call Double Malted Chocolate Cookies that I baked yesterday, from a recipe I found on the internet. Pretty good, but as is, it’s not a keeper. They needed to be more chewy and less poofy/risen (here’s a photo of them, baked); perhaps I’ll try one of the suggestions here. The main travesty is that the malt balls don’t have that fabulous crunch any more. IT’S JUST WRONG. Ah well, I hope the coworkers enjoy them on Monday.

Notably, I didn’t use Whoppers; SuperTarget was out of them. But they did have chocolate malt balls in the Jelly Belly bins, and the chocolate on them is far superior to what’s on Whoppers.


2 thoughts on “a waste of Whoppers

  1. Well, that batch is gone. My coworkers (and husband… and self) did a number on it. I’ll save some for you, from my next batch. I hope they’ll be more chewy.

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