a waste of Whoppers

Above, you should see two of the four forms of chocolate that are in the batch of what I’ll call Double Malted Chocolate Cookies that I baked yesterday, from a recipe I found on the internet. Pretty good, but as is, it’s not a keeper. They needed to be more chewy and less poofy/risen (here’s a photo of them, baked); perhaps I’ll try one of the suggestions here. The main travesty is that the malt balls don’t have that fabulous crunch any more. IT’S JUST WRONG. Ah well, I hope the coworkers enjoy them on Monday.

Notably, I didn’t use Whoppers; SuperTarget was out of them. But they did have chocolate malt balls in the Jelly Belly bins, and the chocolate on them is far superior to what’s on Whoppers.


  1. Well, that batch is gone. My coworkers (and husband… and self) did a number on it. I’ll save some for you, from my next batch. I hope they’ll be more chewy.

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