warm yoga

I’m taking a short break from running; I still haven’t decided whether or not to plan on the Memphis half-marathon in early December. I’ve been following a training plan for it, but a week off from it would be a healthy break.

While I ponder that, I’m taking advantage of a great offer at the local Core Power yoga studio: newbies to the studio get a whole week for free, to taste the waters of this type of yoga. I’m on day three. I’ve done this style, but mostly via videos and a few classes at another studio that had ventilation issues. It’s hot (though not as hot as Bikram), sweaty, fluid, music is usually involved, and the classes are packed. I’m a little wary of trying some of the more challenging inversion poses without more direct instruction, but I can ask for that there, or perhaps at a session at the Iyengar studio in town.

I’m really enjoying it! It’s a great workout and I come out of the studio soaked but refreshed. Can I handle a whole week of this? We’ll see. My arms are pretty sore; the legs are doing okay.