Potato floes

Saturday’s Moussaka
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This is the type of edge we live on: this morning I realized that we had raw (but shrink-wrapped, at least) ground lamb in the refrigerator, and it’s been there since I bought it about 6 days ago. Somehow it didn’t make it into the freezer on shopping day last weekend.

So! Today’s lunch would be the Potato and Lamb Moussaka that we’d planned to make this week, with the small revision of Potato and Very Well-Cooked Lamb Moussaka. And the additional revision of swapping in very available hot chipotle salsa for the not so available low-sodium tomato sauce.

In fact, it was visions of this for for a satisfying post-run lunch that powered my run in the cold, today. So, perhaps it’s quite fitting that, once baked, the top surface of the dish reminded me of a walk I took in Duluth, years ago, in winter. The ice floes along the edge of The Lake were fascinating. And emitted very strange noises. Which the moussaka, thankfully, did not do. Had it done so, we may have gotten the proof we needed, regarding what exactly may have taken up residence in the meat.

Alas: it got very, very hot. And it was very, very tasty! And, this recipe is probably the only one I am every likely to try, for moussaka: it featured potatoes instead of the standard eggplant. I truly dislike handling raw eggplant. I have the same problem with mangos & papaya. Too, too slimy. Yet all are so tasty when cooked and/or handled with something other than the fingers.