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Chaffee choo-choo

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We’re back from our trip. Highlights:
* 5 days of visiting with Grandma Thelma
* a fun road trip with my most awesome husband
* a yummy Turkey Day feast with Bill and Mary, plus hours of conversation that just flew by
* pumpkin pie for three days in a row
* hikes in a few beautiful parks: Effigy Mounds, Sam A. Baker
* two trail runs in a beautiful park: Lake Tywappity. One of which inspired a couple older locals (in a red sports car, I might add) to ask me, “Girl, what in the hell are you doing?”
* visits to two historic mills/springs: Greer and Bollinger
* Thelma’s amazing collection of antique chatelaines
* a lovely long country drive (or two) down winding country roads
* pizza with Ruth, Don, and Thelma in Cape Girardeau
* an extra order of biscuits & apple butter at Cracker Barrel

* Photos from the trip are here.